#RBTeam Dressage

July 2017


Mixed bag so far! – Team LW


It’s been a mixed bag so far this year! The horses are all well and looking fantastic thanks to their Rowen Barbary feeds. We’ll start with Snip, he’s been pretty busy, after Winter Regionals he went to the North West BYRDs Championships where Will and Snip were A squad champions, they won some fantastic prizes […]

Will and Snip 2


Ups and downs – Team LW


A lot seems to have happened since our last blog, some good and some bad! Will and Snip have been having a good time, having won one of their A squad tests at the inter regionals, and being selected for the Home Internationals and coming in the top few on both days!! Will loves showing […]



Summer at last!!! – Team LW


Everywhere has finally dried up and we could get the youngsters onto their spring grazing at last, since then it’s been all go! On Friday night Bounden Duty (Jackson LG’s dam) gave birth to a stunning filly foal, she’s gorgeous! Still need a competition name for her…if anyone has any suggestions please send them to […]



When is it going to be summer? – Team LW


When is it going to be summer?? It feels like the wettest winter ever, the fields are so wet and the working horses are spending a lot of time inside, not that they seem bothered! Since my last blog we had Bam Bam and Doni to prepare for regionals. We took Bam for a trip […]

Feb millie trot


Regionals – Charlotte Fill


Well we have had some fun weather to contend with for the beginning of the year, the wind has been a particular challenge for both teaching and riding. The start of January was really just getting back into the swing of things, my clients were training hard for the Regional’s in February, as was I. […]

Team LW


Great Start To 2016! – Team LW


Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great Christmas, we had a lovely box of goodies from #RBTeam HQ, Minnie especially loved her beetroot and carrot mash! Since our last blog we have begun summer qualifiers, so we took Gerry Kynaston’s Bam Bam to Reaseheath to kick start 2016 where she won the novice […]

Charlotte Fill


Busy teaching – Charlotte Fill


Time seems to be running away with me and at this time of year horse’s are hard work but always worth it though! November was a quiet month for me. I did my last show of 2015 on Robbie to finish off his Elementary and Advanced Medium winter qualifications which he successfully did at Prescott […]

12243496_435507516657845_5280242455059435325_n (2)


Qualifying Over! – Team LW


It’s been a busy and hectic month this month!! We have had horses with very last minute plans to qualify so it’s been a mad points gathering dash! To qualify for the winter regional champs you need to get the required points before the 1st December, you have to look after your results carefully, as […]



Two huge months! – Charlotte Fill


So September and October were huge for me so I thought I would roll them into one. September saw Nationals prep for Dave who got a wild card for the novice open final after finishing 3rd at the regionals in August. Amongst the preparation was my hen do in Chester where I got introduced to […]

Oct 1


Busy……… – Team LW


It’s been a busy time since the last blog… Gerry Kynastons Bam Bam has been on fine form, getting over 70% in her last 6 tests! At her last competition we stepped it up and did some slightly harder novices, she looked very shell shocked afterwards but got over 70 with a good 6 points […]

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