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Wind Dancer Assesment


From birth to 80km – the development of an endurance horse : Karen Corr


In the very early hours on the 2nd May 2007 this brown bundle of fluff and long, delicate legs was born at our home in Lancashire. It was howling a gale, so she was named Riyah Raquassah (Arabic) which roughly translates to “Wind Dancer”. Once she had un-crumpled, we could really get a good idea […]



Great Results – Karen Corr


Great result for our endurance team this weekend! We took Zee for his first endurance ride at Wharncliffe Chase…in at the deep end since we’ve not been able to get him to a pleasure/training ride this year due to Lottie’s injuries. He was fantastic! A bit excited at the initial vetting but out on course […]



Geared up for the season ahead – Bella Fricker


January seemed like a slow month. I decided on which saddle I wanted to buy for Chip but then of course had to wait for it to be made. Then Chip managed to get an infection on his leg, which whilst he was sound, meant no work and a trip to the vets for a […]

Karen Corr


Reflection and Goals – Karen Corr


This time of year sees us looking back with reflection at 2015 and jotting down some goals for 2016. Our little endurance team went from strength to strength over the past 12 months…a few ups and downs along the way but that’s horses for you. Squiggle owes me nothing…I am in complete awe of this […]



Excited – Bella Fricker


So the 2016 calendar has been finalised…excited muchly! March is set to be seriously busy, with a ride planned for every single weekend. The observant of you may have noticed that Chip is sporting a beautiful purple bandage…somehow he managed to get a foreign body of some kind just on the top of his fetlock, […]



Does the season ever really end? – Bella Fricker


Well it’s been a while since I last did a blog, mostly because it’s been the end of the season and we’re supposed to be on down time! It doesn’t feel like I’ve stopped yet though to be honest! I’ve taken Chip to a few pleasure/training rides which I’m using for canter work as the […]

October France 3


October, the best month of the season – Bella Fricker


Despite there only being two weekends of the endurance season to compete in October, those two weekends were unforgettable! I travelled with the Development Squad to Madine, France, to compete in the CEIYJ2* 120km on the 3rd October riding the lovely Eskar, owned by Kirsty Wiscombe. This was my first time competing in France, my […]



Highs and lows, but mostly highs! – Bella Fricker


Since the last blog I’ve been out and about quite a bit. Mid-August saw me complete another 80km at Cranwich, Suffolk riding a horse I’d not competed on before, Yawl Hill Pollyana. She gave me such an easy ride I felt like we’d hardly been anywhere! We finished with a Grade 2 and took 4th […]



So busy! – Bella Fricker


July and August have just been so busy! Most people in the endurance circuit will be aware that I spent the entirety of July, and what felt like full-time hours organising Hanslope, an FEI 2* endurance ride. Hanslope had four international classes as well as several national race ride classes, graded classes and pleasure classes. […]



Bella Fricker – #RBTeam


I would like to start my first blog by saying a massive thank you to #RBTeam for sponsoring me for the year! I started endurance six years ago, but have been crewing since I was able to carry a slosh bottle for my grandmother who still competes now. I would suggest to anyone that wants […]

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