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Wind Dancer Assesment


From birth to 80km – the development of an endurance horse : Karen Corr


In the very early hours on the 2nd May 2007 this brown bundle of fluff and long, delicate legs was born at our home in Lancashire. It was howling a gale, so she was named Riyah Raquassah (Arabic) which roughly translates to “Wind Dancer”. Once she had un-crumpled, we could really get a good idea […]



Great Results – Karen Corr


Great result for our endurance team this weekend! We took Zee for his first endurance ride at Wharncliffe Chase…in at the deep end since we’ve not been able to get him to a pleasure/training ride this year due to Lottie’s injuries. He was fantastic! A bit excited at the initial vetting but out on course […]

Karen Corr


Reflection and Goals – Karen Corr


This time of year sees us looking back with reflection at 2015 and jotting down some goals for 2016. Our little endurance team went from strength to strength over the past 12 months…a few ups and downs along the way but that’s horses for you. Squiggle owes me nothing…I am in complete awe of this […]

Blog 11.2




  I really can’t believe it’s been 12 months since my sponsorship with Rowen Barbary started. Time has flown by and we’ve had an eventful 12months…a few lows but thankfully many more highs. Being part of the Rowen Barbary Team has been a great experience. Everyone has been so helpful and supportive. I’d like to […]



Endurance Crew Kit Essentials – Karen Corr


What is a “crew”? It is a person or people who help the rider at endurance events by driving round the course to meet them at pre-agreed points to feed/water/slosh the rider and horse. It’s really important that the horse isn’t allowed to overheat, so water is poured over them (“sloshing”) to help cool them […]

April 3.1


Making progress! – Karen Corr


Last time, I mentioned that we had made the difficult decision to sell “Looey”, one of our Advanced endurance horses.  Not wanting to tempt fate and all that, I held off writing this blog until the deal was done. I am pleased to say that Looey passed his 5 stage vetting last week and is […]

March 2


Endurance Essentials – Karen Corr


Since my last blog, I’m afraid we haven’t made much progress with training the horses. Work and life in general are getting in the way. Plus, we’ve decided to sell Looey since he has been completely wasted for the past couple of years. We really don’t have the time to compete 4 horses at this […]

Feb 1


Top tips on getting your non-arab horse, endurance fit – Karen Corr


But, first an update on what we have been up to… Lancashire Endurance Group’s presentation evening was a huge success. The theme was “glitter” and everyone made a huge effort to put some sparkle into their outfits – even the men! We were pleasantly surprised at Squiggle’s haul of prizes…there are a lot of successful […]

Blog 6.b


Time for reflection and to look forward to 2015 – Karen Corr


I just can’t believe we’re into 2015! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and wish everyone a very Happy New Year! Time seems to be flying past and the endurance ride calendar has been published for 2015. However, at this time of year it’s so difficult to plan too far ahead. It’s hard […]

Blog 5c


Blog 5 – serious work for the “baby” arab.


If you’ve been following my blogs, you will by now have realised that Charlotte aka Dottie Lottie, our home-bred arab mare, is the “baby” of the group…despite being 7 yrs old, she seems to have taken forever to mature. She completed the minimum number of novice endurance rides last year to upgrade to Open level […]

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