#RBTeam Showing


New Additions, New Season


Since our last instalment, we have nearly been washed away. Everywhere was under water, the horses and people were all fed up, and it felt like it would never end!!!! Countless Point to Points were cancelled, so Spain has only had two runs since. The first one, at Charlton Horethorne, was somewhat stressful, our usual […]


Michelle Byard – #RBTeam


Michelle is a full time paramedic and a grass roots rider with dreams of reaching HOYS. Together with her horse Lux they will be starting their first full season in the show ring this year. Lets find out a bit more about the latest member of the Rowen Barbary Team…….. Could you tell us a […]


It’s Spring!?


As I sit typing out my first blog in spring, I’m currently sat almost on top of the log burner looking out on to a very white, snowy valley. Our days have been starting off filling up 4/6 water buckets of hot water and steadily carrying them down to the yard so the horses can […]


A blur of hunting, mud and worrying


Since Christmas, life has been a blur of hunting, mud, more hunting and obsessive worrying over the point to pointer! A chilly day for hunting, but less mud for once! The Duke of Spain belongs to a syndicate of locals from the nearby pub. He has previously won a maiden, not with us, and we […]


Springing into 2018


As I write this update I sit back and ponder for a moment as to how much commitment, strength, courage and love that us Equestrians must have within us to do what we do in devoting ourselves to the horse! I am quite sure I am not the only person this winter who has had […]


Bitter Sweet – Matthew Ainsworth


The pinnacle of the season, HOYS, was fairly bitter sweet for us this year. Starting off the week was Small Hunter, Wentworth. We travelled to the NEC early doors, as it’s only an hour away for us. He had a good trot round with everyone else, crammed in the main arena, before his class. We […]


Hunters are looking sMASHing – Christa Davis


Now the showing season is well and truly over, I keep looking back at all the lovely sunny pictures that were taken and feeling fed up with the rain already. I am so pleased with how all the Team looked on Rowen Barbary ReadyMash Extra this summer and can’t wait for next season. The hunters are […]


The Road To HOYS……. – Donna Bamonte


I feel a quick update is due regarding the “coming and goings” of the team here at Southill Paddocks recently. The pinnacle of the last few weeks culminating in Jak picking up his HOYS ticket for the SEIB Racehorse 2 Riding Horse Of The Year for the fourth year in a row! A 4am start […]


HOYS Bound – Matthew Ainsworth


Just after my last blog instalment, I had the pleasure of going to Ireland to judge the “All Ireland 3 year old Championship” which is held at Bannow Rathangan Show, in Co Wexford. The horses which came forward to compete in this class, have to have previously qualified for it, during the current showing season […]


A Real Mixture.. (Mash It Up!) – Donna Bamonte


As I write my current blog I sit back and realise how different my season has been, new horses, new faces, new disciplines, ups and downs and new beginnings… though I am glad to say everything has turned out for the better.. My season hasn’t been quite as busy regarding the Showing as Noble Jack […]

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