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donna 11.10.17


The Road To HOYS……. – Donna Bamonte


I feel a quick update is due regarding the “coming and goings” of the team here at Southill Paddocks recently. The pinnacle of the last few weeks culminating in Jak picking up his HOYS ticket for the SEIB Racehorse 2 Riding Horse Of The Year for the fourth year in a row! A 4am start […]

Valentine Jak Aug 2017


A Real Mixture.. (Mash It Up!) – Donna Bamonte


As I write my current blog I sit back and realise how different my season has been, new horses, new faces, new disciplines, ups and downs and new beginnings… though I am glad to say everything has turned out for the better.. My season hasn’t been quite as busy regarding the Showing as Noble Jack […]

Donna Bamonte


Finally into March – Donna Bamonte


Well we are finally into March and things have been quite busy here. I have been setting up my own yard specialising in the retraining and re-homing of horses as well as “pre-training and breaking” and I am happy to say the first residents are finally in and settling well. Winter has been a hard […]

Donna Bamonte


The fun is only just beginning! – Donna Bamonte


Hello again everyone!!! I thought I had better give you all an update of what’s been going on down here.. a little late but an update nonetheless….here we go!!! Following my last post, the season steadily progressed and with that so did sadly personal issues (some trying times with illness and family loss). Despite this, […]

Valentine Jak 1


Fantastic News To Share – Donna Bamonte


Finally!!!, my first blog for everyone since joining “Team RB”.. I’ve been looking forward to updating you all on what we have been up to and I’m pleased to say I have some fantastic news to share. The 2016 season for us had not struck off to a good start. Plagued with various issues….health, Jak […]



Donna Bamonte – #RBTeam


Introducing new #RBTeam Show Rider Donna Bamonte……… How many horses are on your yard? I currently have six horses on my yard consisting of 5 ex racehorses and one Miniature. Could you tell us about your most memorable horse?  My most memorable horse has got to be Valentine Jak, because of what he has given […]