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Four year old hunter, Boston, is in the full swing of his showing career! He has been to two shows so far, BSPS Area 10, Shropshire, was his first outing, on a miserable, grey, dull morning! There aren’t that many four year old classes available, so he competed in a novice class, meaning some of the other horses were older than him. He was pulled in third after the initial go round, and stayed in this place to finish. He went a bit green for the ride judge, which is to be expected, but we had some really good feedback from the judges about him!
He then went to the Devon County Show, where they did have a four year old class. This was a completely different atmosphere to his first show, the ring here is incredibly buzzy, and there is a lot more going on to look at! Again he finished third, and again he had some really positive feedback from the judges.

Here he is with his owner Netty Greenow at Shropshire.

May 1 2017

We have a new addition to the yard, pure Irish Draught, Columcille Bouncer. He has only been in the yard a couple of weeks, and this weekend went to his first ever show, Royal Welsh Spring Festival at Builth Wells. He won the pure bred section of the ID, and then went on to be overall ID champion. We were over the moon with him! He didn’t bat an eyelid at the flapping red tape that seemed to be absolutely everywhere we turned, and got on with the job like he had done it all his life. We are really looking forward to taking him out again soon!

May 2 2017May 3 2017


Photos as courtesy of Equine Pix.



Two year old Caterpillar, who we bred out of my wife’s hunter, came in for a couple of weeks before going out with the hunters. She desperately needed a tidy up! Also, for a while she’s had a really weepy ear, which we had thought was due to something being stuck in it, like a blackthorn or something similar. Whilst she was turned out away from home it was impossible to treat, so we attacked this at the same time!

May 4 2017

After it had a good clean, it was possible to see a very small hole, like a tiny puncture wound. The vet then inserted a thin plastic tube, like a straw, to see how far it went. It went quite far down, and on putting some solution down the tube we could see it went to a pocket at the bottom of her ear.

May 5 2017

There was nothing in the pocket, it is just empty but is creating a fluid which is then oozing out of her ear. So every five days we are flushing it out, with solution, that will stop this happening. Not easy with an opinionated Madame of a horse!

It is now, looking much better!

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