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It has been a little while since my last blog but I am pleased with how things are coming along, having had a productive few months…

May was full of lessons and show jumping outings – we had some excellent lessons and Jimmy continued to improve throughout with increasingly good rounds. However, we have had a few concerns about his saddle fit as he has changed shape so much over the last few months. This culminated in a visit from the chiropractor, who advised that he did a month of unridden work to further strengthen his back and also to sell the saddle (!), agreeing that it wasn’t doing this very tricky-to-fit and compact boy any favours. The timing actually worked very well as I was working full time throughout June, both locally and in London, so Mum was just amazing doing his long reining work every other day for the month as well as his stretching work to help strengthen his core. This work has been a thoroughly worthwhile investment; improving his frame and really helping to encourage him to work more uphill which will continue to pay rich dividends as we run it alongside his ridden work.

Jimmy has changed (2)

With June coming to a close and raring to get going again with the ridden work, a new saddle was becoming rather pressing. We were lucky to come across a company run by a great saddler, who is also a chiropractor, and makes and fits these brilliant saddles which have incredibly innovative, but simple, ethos behind them and are significantly more comfortable for the horses than the vast majority of contemporary saddles – a really exciting find. We bought one of their dressage saddles to tide us over while waiting for the new jump saddle to be made and have done all of our work throughout July in that – luckily the knee rolls aren’t huge so jumping is possible (!)– although rather strange to begin with, I am now quite used to it and we have done all of our jumping over the last few weeks; lessons, XC Schooling etc and having thought the new saddle would have arrived by the time we were eventing, it was a first, and a bit of strange experience to be doing all three phases in it when competing at Calmsden over the weekend!

Jimmy at Calmsden

Calmsden was Jimmy’s BE100 debut and he was on very happy form! The dressage is a working progress, the showjumping also – he was very pleased to be out competing on grass and much excitement/slight lack of respect for the poles lead to a couple down, but this will come as his strength/uphill way of going improves over time and with more exercises at home and plenty of ring practice. He was then fab across the country pulling out a super clear on tricky terrain and with some interesting technical questions. Great to feel him so confident (possibly over confident in the SJ!!) and finding it so easy. Good boy.

Now for the continued hard work, refinement and tweaking to achieve our goals for the rest of the season. Huge thanks to Rowen Barbary for their continued support – Jimmy is looking excellent and this condition speaks for itself!

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