Charlotte Clewlow

Event Rider From Cheshire

Most Memorable Horse/Pony: Diamond Will (aka William) has to be my most memorable horse who took me to 1* and BE Intermediate and Fortunes Enigma (aka Donut) was a pony who took me from 2’3″ to my first BE Novice.

Top Tip: Always keep things organised. Have lots of patience and be prepared for lots of ups and downs. Also build a great support team (mine is fantastic, made up of owners, friends and family.)


Where has the year gone?


Wow the year is nearly over – where has it gone? A year of ups and downs as life always is with horses. So this summer my lorry died – the engine spat out all its oil!! This gave me the impetus to go and pass my HGV test – I now have a 6 […]


So happy to get out eventing


So as you are all aware the BE season has been badly affected by the weather, this has had quite an impact on my plans for the horses (I really feel for the event organisers). I decided to take 8 horses for 3 days BS at Southview over Easter, this involved a mammoth packing activity […]


A good start to the year


This year started with an expansion here at CJC – I was a little worried when I decided to commit to a 20 box yard with potential for 25 if I wanted them! – Within 3 weeks they were all full with Competition, Schooling, Full and Sales liveries – massive relief – and some lovely […]


New Year – New Plans : Charlotte Clewlow


Happy New Year Here are a few of the highlights from 2017 – all fuelled by Rowen Barbary Feeds. Bradwell Horse Trials, saw Super Paddy do a lovely dressage test for 22.5 – with a 10 for the first centre line –he followed this with foot perfect clears to finish on 22.5 for 2nd place […]


Quite Hectic – Charlotte Clewlow


Whenever I sit down to write my blog I realise that my life really is quite hectic and that I could not possibly cover all the news and events in a short blog (maybe a novel one day!) so I will share with you just some of the latest new. As always with horses there […]


Lots of debuts! – Charlotte Clewlow


We are all very settled in the new yard – the horses are loving it and are all very relaxed. It is so lovely to have everything on hand, I am able to flat and show jump school outdoors or indoors on fantastic well maintained surfaces – even at this time of year the indoor […]


New facilities and a great start to the season – Charlotte Clewlow


So much has happened since my last update, lots of competing, a new yard and a small expansion. CJCeventing relocated to Lower Barn at Marbury Equestrion Centre in Nantwich in order to expand and offer brand new fantastic facilities to all the horses and owners. With brand new barn stabling, an outdoor school, indoor school, […]


Spring is in sight!! – Charlotte Clewlow


This year began with a fantastic week in France skiing with the family – it was nice to have a break and then lovely to come back home with spring in sight!! I have had a busy time since with riding, clipping, farrier and osteopath visits. My first outing was to Kelsall Hill Arena Eventing […]


2016 in numbers – Charlotte Clewlow


12 Horses evented 20 Days eventing 41 Completions 1 Tumble taken in competition (ouch!) 18 Top 10 placing 20.5 Personal best ever finishing score to win at Stafford on Paddy 20.5 Best dressage score this year 1035  Cross country fences jumped 455 Show jumped fences jumped 14 British Showjumping outing 6 Horses competed 337 Pounds won 12 Top 4 placing 4 Years […]


The end of the season – Charlotte Clewlow


The last two events of the season were Kelsall Hill and Weston Park. Kelsall was a busy event with 4 horses competed on the Friday and 2 on the Sunday.   Friday saw Lady and Mollie finish their first season of eventing, these two young 6-year-old mares both had a good event, both had good […]

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