Sarah Tomkins

Event Rider From Welshpool.

Most Memorable Horse/Pony: My first horse LYDIA II purchased from Annette Higgins.

Goals for 2015: I am hoping Neo will give me my first 2* ride; aiming for Gatcombe Park and Coton Rainbow Star will step up to do 1*.

Top Tip: Be positive and keep smiling, eventing is full of highs and lows so learn from the lows and enjoy the highs.


Blog, Blogging, boggy days!


Having just finished the yard with the help of my dear owner of Holly, I head for lunch and grab the post on the way in and open my monthly post from RBTeam that’s gives the same heart warming experience every time. So given my 2 hour slot for admin and my lack of blogging […]


Breaking bones to making dreams! – Sarah Tomkins


Hi all, hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, it’s been a really long time since I wrote a blog as I don’t like having nothing interesting to write and then when I do I’m too scared to let people know in case it all falls apart but I can’t contain my excitement […]


A leap of faith can take you along way! – Sarah Tomkins


Apologies for such a delayed blog but hopefully everyone has kept up on my Facebook updates, I have finally found a moment to write up a blog whilst making the 4 hr plus journey to Richmond Horse Trials. The most important thing to be said is THANK YOU… Thank you for having the faith in my story […]


And we are away!!! – Sarah Tomkins


March has seemed a long month which thankfully started with me getting my driving licence back after a health technical hitch since the beginning of December. I had to put all my freelance riding and teaching on hold so it’s all go again with no rest for the wicked! We made the 4 hour trip […]


Fun in Feb! – Sarah Tomkins


I spent the whole month getting excited about our first event, starting with a competition at Netley on Mary Moberleys two homebreds Brady and Cody, they both jumped brilliantly to gain a first and a second, given that I haven’t rode either since November. Cody will be heading back to Yorkshire very soon as he is returning […]


BACK on the ROAD – Sarah Tomkins


I  am so happy to be writing a blog with show news included, it seems to have been a busy yet boring few months to talk about. We have clipped the majority of the horses and Neo’s coat has grown back after a covering of mud fever all over his back, do not ask ‘HOW’ […]


Happy New Year from Hillside Eventing! – Sarah Tomkins


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and made time for family get together’s, I did my best. My husband spoilt me rotten on Christmas Day by doing the yard for me so that I could have a lazy day off and do absolutely nothing! What more could I ask.   The yard has had […]


When time flys during winter months… we don’t complain – Sarah Tomkins


November has flown by, our days are much shorter and November can be a drag but the weather is fair and at least we are on high ground. I probably wouldn’t be saying that if I lived down on the flat but the normal yard duties have been taking place with a few outings to […]


Rest? Holiday? Chance would be a fine thing! – Sarah Tomkins


I ended last month’s blog with the last event of the season at Weston Park so I should be dedicating this blog to tell you all about my amazing holiday… Whilst one groom was back in full time education and my other stable hand takes a trip overseas I am…. Drum Roll…. Taking in more […]


Safe to say we are ending our event season tired…Sarah Tomkins


September saw Hillside Event Team make the journey to Gatcombe Park, my mini holiday for 3 days with Neo in the OI on the Friday where we had an unfortunate horse fall jumping into the woods, one big black eye and half an hour before my CIC* dressage with Coton Rainbow Star I didn’t have […]

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