Erin Cullimore – #RBTeam


Erin is a BS registered Senior Show jumper based in Herefordshire who competes on a regular basis and produces horses for various clients.

Let’s find out some more about Erin and her horses…..

  • How many horses are on your yard?

At the moment, I have 7 horses on my yard (4 competition horses/ponies, one project pony, one broodmare and one retired pony) but I do also have horses coming in regularly for schooling, competition and sales livery.

  • Could you tell us about your most memorable horse or pony?

My most memorable horse or pony was a pony that I had from when I was 7 to when I was 9 called ‘Mullens Mischief’ who was a just backed 3 year old when we bought him, but we knew he would be a good pony as I learnt how to do rising trot on his mum! He was only 11.3hh but I used to jump him up to 1m at home! He was the first pony that got me into show jumping as I qualified for the show jumping championships at David Broome’s. Even though I mainly did show jumping, I also did some showing on him (first ridden, PUK qualifiers etc) and did a lot of Pony Club on him. Everywhere I went, everyone fell in love with him!

  • What have been your high points and achievements to date?

One of my high points was on ‘My Fletcher’ when we were on the England amateur team at Wales & West. It went to the third round as it was very close between England and Ireland. I was the third rider in and I had to go clear for England to win, and… I did! Fletcher jumped a brilliant clear and England won the Gold Medal!! What made it even better was when the commentator said ‘and that wins it for England!’ It was a very special moment!

Another of my high points was when ‘Tally Ho Toby’ and I competed at the dressage championships at David Broome’s. I had only done 2 dressage tests on him before the championships (they were 2 years apart!) so didn’t think I would get very good results. Somehow, Toby managed to pull it out the bag and win 3 out of 4 tests (he got 78% in one of them!) and he won the overall Gold Medal, a lovely sash and an Ablion bridle! I was so pleased with him, and myself, especially as we mainly showjumped!

  • What are your goals for 2016?

Pasha – Get her 4 British Novice double clears, qualify her for Scope and to be in the top 6 in the British Showjumping RoR league. 

Joly – To get her 4 British Novice, Discovery and Newcomers double clears, to qualify for Scope and to have a go at the Bronze League and try to qualify for HOYS!

Fletcher & Toby – To qualify for Scope, to qualify for the Amateur Finals at Aintree and to try some veteran showing with them as they both look brilliant for 19! 

  • Have you got any top tips? 

Don’t get frustrated with your horse. Take a deep breath and try again. You want to work out why your horse won’t do it, instead of getting angry at them straight away.

Even if you want to show jump, you have to do your flatwork! If you can’t control your horse and it isn’t listening to you on the flat, then it won’t when you are jumping. Flat work also builds up the right muscles for jumping!

Make sure you do lots of different things at home with your horse to stop them getting sour and bored. Nothing is worse than a horse that is bored!

Get your things ready for a show the day/night before. There is nothing worse than rushing the morning of a show trying to find everything! Put all the tack on the lorry and get your clothes ready in a pile so you know where everything is.

Why not check out Erin’s website or facebook page for more information.


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