My 23 year old veteran still looks great & enjoys gentle hacking but is a bit fussy about what they eat.


Firstly we need to establish why your horse or pony is being fussy about what they eat.  Some horses are naturally fussy feeders with a limited appetite and require smaller nutrient dense concentrate feeds where as if your horse has only recently started to become a bit fussy this could be age related.

As horses grow older they can start to have trouble chewing and digesting traditional concentrates, a common sign is dropping of feed, or quidding so it is important to get your horses teeth checked regularly by an equine dentist.  If they are suffering from dental problems this could lead to them becoming fussy so I would suggest trying them on a feed from our Senior Range that are specifically developed with the older horse in mind.

As your horse or pony is in light work Senior Support will provide them with the low energy levels required for gentle hacking, whilst still containing elevated nutrient levels for the veteran.  Every 2kg of Senior Support provides 4g of Glucosamine HCL to help support joint mobility and reduce any signs of stiffness and 5g of Yeasacc 1026.  As horses grow older they are less efficient at extracting nutrients from the feed which can result in weight loss, Yeasacc 1026 will help ensure efficient fibre and mineral digestion keeping your horse in tip top shape.

To help keep them looking good Senior Support also contains high levels of oils to help ensure excellent overall condition and topline, enhanced by Sumo Original for that superior coat shine.  Extra Biotin is also added to help maintain strong healthy hooves along with super high levels of Vitamin E to help support the immune system and maintain healthy antioxidant levels. Additional Lysine and Methionine are also included for optimal protein balance and protected bioplex Selenium, Zinc and Copper for improved availability.

Your horse or pony should find the small sized particles found in Senior Support much more palatable, so they are easily eaten, easily digested and higher in nutrients.  Natural herbs spearmint and garlic are also added which will help tempt even the fussiest of horses.