I am bringing my horse back into work following a short break but I am unsure what to feed.


In the early stage of a fittening programme fibre alongside a low energy feed that supplies adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals are quite often all that is required.  However, as the horses workload increases so does the horses energy requirements so the diet must be supplemented with additional sources of energy and nutrients to help meet these increased demands.

The energy requirements of the horse are dependent upon a number of factors including the level and intensity of the work being performed, temperament, the individual horses metabolism, temperature and management.  Too much energy and the control and concentration may be lost, too little energy and the horse may lack the power and impulsion required to perform at its best.

If you have a horse that tends to be naturally very forward going or can become easily excitable a high fibre, high oil diet such as Show ‘n’ Glow should be fed.  These types of horses will often initially perform well but will often lack the stamina required.  Adding oil to the diet will provide an excellent source of slow release energy helping improve stamina and promote sustained performance.

For horses that are naturally laid back Leisure Horse Mix can be added to the diet to help provide that instant fast release energy, this is useful for horses undertaking short sharp bursts of work.  However, a horse in hard or intense work will need a combination of energy sources including fibre, oils, protein and cereals to meet the demands of work and would excel on Hunter Competition Mix.