How can I get my veteran in showing condition?


If you have noticed that your veteran has not kept condition on as well as in previously years, it is advisable to first get an equine dentist or vet to check your horses teeth as problems can occur.  This often results in the ability to chew and digest feed less efficiently, which leads to weight loss.

Even if your veteran has had loose teeth that have had to be removed, due to improvements in diet, management and veterinary care it is still possible to keep your golden oldie looking and feeling in superb condition.

ReadyMash Extra from the Soft ‘n’ Soak Range is a perfect feed for veterans that need a high calorie diet for conditioning and controlled weight gain.  Designed to be fed soaked to form a highly palatable mash and made out of 100% digestible fibre that helps encourage slow rates of digestion throughout the hind gut.

Containing essential oils and milk powders to help horses achieve the required body condition and promote a great coat bloom, as well as glucose it provides an excellent energy source for hard working veterans.  With added vitamins and minerals it is fully balanced, making ReadyMash Extra ideal for every day feeding.