How can I improve my horse’s hooves?


A number of factors, including nutrition have an effect on the horses hoof quality, such as, the breed of horse and the environment of which they are kept in. A balanced diet plays a key role in keeping a horse’s feet healthy and avoiding chips and cracks but it may be necessary to introduce a supplement if you do have a horse prone to weak hooves.

As an example Kirsty Walton has owned Miss Tyrrells De L’Ecotay (Mags) since she was 2.5 years old and has produced her herself up to Elementary level, qualifying for the Area Festivals in 2015. By adding just 100gm of Rowen Barbary Hoof Complex into her diet per day, Kirsty noted an improvement.

“I have always struggled with Mags feet and tried several supplements to try and support her. I have to say your Hoof Complex is fantastic. It’s been four weeks since I started using it and what a difference. I can’t recommend this enough. Feeling very proud to be promoting a fantastic brand that truly does work #RBTeam

By providing all the necessary nutrients Rowen Barbary Hoof Complex will help promote sound healthy hoof growth. Biotin is added at the recommended dosage for improvement of hoof health (20mg per day) which is scientifically proven to help lessen hoof cracks and reduce the crumbling of the hoof horn and improve the condition of the white line area. As horses need more than biotin alone to promote healthy hoof key nutrients for hooves such as methionine, zinc, copper, choline and Vitamin C are included to help promote the re-growth of strong healthy hooves.

Rowen Barbary Hoof Complex is supplied in 2kg pouches which last a 450kg pony for 40 days. Economic 5kg tubs are also available.