I compete my 16 year old mare in SJ over the summer months but she has now started to show signs of stiffness.


With improved diets and better health and veterinary care many older horses are still able to have an active competition career.  Horses age at different rates but if you have noticed your mare to show signs of stiffness it may be time to consider a specialist senior feed.

Rowen Barbary produce Senior Active designed specifically for older horses in medium to hard work packed full of nutrients to meet the extra nutritional requirements of the veteran.

Like your mare, many horses do become increasing stiff with age so Glucosamine HCL is included to help support joint mobility with just 2kg or Rowen Barbary Senior Active providing 4g of Glucosamine HCL, equivalent to that supplied by some joint supplements.

Extra Biotin is also added to help maintain healthy hooves along with 5g of Yea-sacc 1026 per every 2kg of Senior Active to help encourage optimal fibre and mineral digestion.

Senior Active also contains high levels of oils to ensure excellent overall condition, helping encourage weight gain and improve topline.  Super high levels of Vitamin E are also included to help support the immune system and maintain healthy antioxidant levels.

With highly palatable small size particles it is ideal for older horses that chew and digest less efficiently and the addition of natural herbs spearmint and garlic help tempt even the fussiest horses.