Feeding the Leisure Horse


It is vital that you take a horses workload into account when trying to determine the correct diet, if a horses energy loss is greater than energy intake then weight, and subsequently, body condition will be lost.  On the other hand if a horse is receiving more energy than they are burning off daily then this will result in weight gain.

Most horses will do well on a high fibre feed which will supply the low energy levels necessary for horses in light to moderate work.  This will include all those competing in Pony Club and Riding Club activities as well as those that regularly compete in dressage, show jumping or one day events

Rowen Barbary have designed two different types of feeds which will supply low energy levels, suitable for the leisure horse – ReadyMash and Leisure Plus.




ReadyMash is a fully balanced mash suitable for horses requiring a high fibre, low energy diet.  Providing all the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements required for overall health and vitality whilst helping keep energy levels to a minimum and is suitable for feeding horses & ponies at all ages and activity levels.  Taking just 5 minutes to soak, to expand into a very soft textured mash.







Leisure Plus is a high fibre feed designed to provide low energy levels through a balance of highly digestible fibre sources and cooked flaked cereals.  Linseed and Soya Oil are added to help ensure excellent  overall skin and coat condition alongside Calcareous Marine Algae to benefit gut health, and natural herbs Chamomile Flower, Spearmint and Nettle.   Fully balanced in essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements to promote overall health and vitality.





To find out which feed would be suitable for you horse or pony please contact Rowen Barbary Horse Feeds  on 01948 880598 or email sales@rowenbarbary.co.uk.