It’s getting colder, do I need to change my horses diet?


All horses have a critical temperature, which is dependent on condition and if the outside temperature falls below this the horse must then produce extra heat to maintain its body temperature.  For a horse in moderate condition with a good winter coat in calm weather the lower critical temperature is just below freezing, at approximately -1°C.

As temperature drops maintenance energy requirements increase, increasing even further in the presence of wind and even more so in both wet and windy weather.  As a general rule for every ten degrees below freezing you can increase the horses hay ration by another 10 percent.

Hay alone is usually insufficient to supply the energy demands for a horse to maintain its body weight, so you may consider adding extra calories to the diet through the use of conditioning feeds such as Rowen Barbary Condition & Performance, Solution Mash or ReadyMash Extra.

Condition & Performance is a highly palatable mix containing a blend of Linseed and Soya Oil, supported by key antioxidants to help encourage weight gain and improve topline.  Containing a balance of energy sources and controlled protein level’s Condition & Performance  is suitable for horses that get easily excitable.  Also added is Calcareous Marine Algae to act as a buffer to help reduce acidity, benefiting gut health along with natural herbs spearmint and garlic it is also fully balanced in essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

With no cereals and under 1% sugar Solution Mash is suitable for feeding to horses that suffer from a starch and sugar intolerance, but where condition is required to help promote excellent overall condition.  With high levels of oils alongside key antioxidants, digestive enhancers, natural herbs spearmint, garlic and fenugreek and a complete balance of vitamins, minerals and trace elements Solution Mash is ideal for horses requiring a higher calorie diet.

With a combination of oils, milk powders and cereals ReadyMash Extra is the ultimate conditioning feed for horses requiring an improvement in body condition. Glucose powders are added to help provide an excellent energy source, aiding a reduced recovery time following strenuous work and it is also fully balanced in essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements.


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