My good doer is also a veteran, what should I consider?


Horses that are prone to being “good doers” often remain that way through out their lives but as they grow older there are now new needs which you have to consider, whilst still managing calorie intake as part of a well balanced diet.

Many veterans suffer from loose and worn teeth, often causing them to drop feed and being unable to digest and absorb nutrients correctly so it is essential that teeth are regularly checked.

Fibre is essential for horses of any age to ensure a healthy digestive system and older horses especially need a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals.  If you find that your horse has reached a point where he is unable to chew hay there are many alternatives available as fibre is crucial to maintain a healthy digestive system.

One fibre replacer is ReadyFibre Mash which is an extremely versatile, cereal free, natural healthy mash made up of 100% high digestible fibre for horses requiring a high fibre, low starch and sugar diet.

If your good doer is a veteran he will do much better with a low calorie product that promotes good health and condition without encouraging weight gain.  Forage ‘n’ Fibre is coarse mix suitable for good doers as it provides a well-balanced blend of oils, protein, energy and essential vitamins and minerals and its close analysis to natural forages make it a very versatile product.

However, if you find your veteran is unable to manage traditional coarse mixes then a product like ReadyMash may be more appropriate which is a fully balanced mash that will provide all the necessary oils, vitamins and minerals of a highly palatable base.