My horse requires condition but cannot tolerate high starch feeds, what would you recommend?


Feeds containing high levels of starch that are digested relatively quickly by the horse produce fast release energy, which is the type of energy that can cause some horses to become over excitable. With no cereals and a very low starch and sugar content (under 1% total sugar) Solution Mash is suitable for horses prone to excitable and unpredictable behaviour, as well as being well suited for feeding to horses that suffer from Laminitis, Cushings, Insulin Resistance and EPSM.

With a high fibre content Solution Mash helps to encourage better digestion within the hindgut, being particularly valuable for horses that suffer from colic and gastric ulcers requiring a diet that is sympathetic on the digestive system.  This combined with a high oil content will not only help improve condition and weight gain but will also provide an excellent source of slow release energy that will help prevent this over excitable behaviour occurring whilst improving stamina.

Super high levels of Vitamin E are also included helping support the immune system and maintain healthy antioxidant levels along with Yeasacc 1026 for optimum fibre and mineral digestion.  Natural herbs spearmint, garlic and fenugreek are also added into Solution Mash along with a high specification vitamin and mineral supplement, providing your horse with all the essential nutrients needed for a fully balanced diet.