My horse can get very stressed over winter which results in weight loss, what Rowen Barbary product would you recommend?


As your horse can get easily stressed the first thing I would look at doing is lowering the energy levels, which means feeding a higher fibre lower starch diet, so for this I would recommend the new Leisure Plus from Rowen Barbary.  By providing controlled levels of starch alongside a high fibre level Leisure Plus helps supply the low energy levels required for horses that are prone to excitable behaviour.

Alongside the high fibre levels Leisure Plus also contains Calcareous Marine Algae to help reduce acidity, important to good gut health.  This is designed to aid horses that may be prone to gastric ulcers,  benefiting overall health and well being.

Containing a combination of Linseed and Soya Bean Oil Leisure Plus will also help ensure condition and weight are maintained over the winter months, ensuring excellent skin and coat condition.  The high levels of oils will also help provide an excellent source of slow release energy for improved stamina for horses in light to moderate work.

Natural herbs Chamomile Flower, Spearmint and Nettle are included to help promote overall health and well being with dehydrated Carrots also added to help create an extremely appetizing feed that is equally delicious fed dry or soaked.

Leisure Plus is also fully balanced in essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements to help keep your horse in peak condition.