My pony gets fat looking at feed – do I need to feed her anything?


If you have a good doer that lives on fresh air it can be tempting to remove any additional feed from the diet, but unlike horses in the wild who would graze on a variety of grass species many horses today are kept on restricted grazing, frequently lacking in essential nutrients.

It is therefore important to supplement the forage given with additional vitamins and minerals so by feeding  Forage ‘n’ Fibre you will help provide your pony with all the essential nutrients required on a high fibre base, while keeping the level of calories to a minimum.  The high fibre content is sourced through a blend of super fibres which helps make Forage ‘n’ Fibre very palatable and as it is cereal free with a very low starch and sugar content it is suitable for feeding to good doers as well as those that suffer from laminitis.

By feeding Forage ‘n’ Fibre daily your pony will be receiving  all the essential vitamins, minerals and a trace elements required for a fully balanced diet.  A light coating of Soya Oil is also added to help maintain coat and skin condition, helping to keep your mare in top condition.