Hoof Complex

Nutritional Analysis
ASH 6 g
Biotin 20 mg
Calcium 800 mg
Choline 520 mg
Copper 100 mg
Fibre 4 mg
Glycine 1665 mg
Lysine 2300 mg
Methionine 6690 mg
Oil 12.5 g
Phosphorus 400 mg
Proline 2115 mg
Protein 40 g
Tyrosine 1680 mg
Vitamin C 1300 g
Zinc 300 mg
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Key Features

• For healthy hoof growth

Product Information

By providing all the necessary nutrients Hoof Complex will help promote sound healthy hoof growth.

Biotin is added at the recommended dosage for improvement of hoof health (20mg per day), this will help lessen hoof cracks and reduce the crumbling of the hoof horn and improve the condition of the white line area.

As horses need more than biotin alone to promote healthy hoof key nutrients for hooves such as methionine, zinc, copper, choline and Vitamin C are included to help promote the re-growth of strong healthy hooves.

Feeding Guide

Pony < 450kg 50gm per day (3 scoops)
Horse > 450kg 100gm per day (6 scoops)

Pack Size

Hoof Complex is supplied in 2kg pouches which last a 450kg pony for 40 days. Economic 5kg tubs are also available.

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