Nutritional Analysis
Biotin 40 mg/Kg
Choline 15000 mg
Copper 1000 mg/Kg
Folic Acid 2000 mg
Iodine 250 mg
Iron 4000 mg/Kg
Lysine 50 g/Kg
Manganese 4000 mg
Methionine 50 g/Kg
Nicotinic Acid 2000 mg
Pantothenic Acid 1000 mg/Kg
Selenium 30 mg/Kg
Vitamin A 1000000 iu/kg
Vitamin B1 1000 mg/Kg
Vitamin B12 50 mg/Kg
Vitamin B2 800 mg/Kg
Vitamin B6 600 mg/Kg
Vitamin D3 200000 iu/kg
Vitamin E 50000 iu/kg
Vitamin K 100 mg/Kg
Yeasacc 1026 100 g/Kg
Zinc 4000 mg
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Key Features

• Ultimate Performance Supplement

Product Information

Designed to help improve the performance of the hard working equine athlete, Power contains a specifically formulated blend of micro nutrients to enable your horse to perform at its best.

With a full complement of B group vitamins it is particular beneficial to horses with poor appetites and will help reinvigorate any horses feeling run down.

Also added are a high specification of antioxidants alongside performance nutrients that  will help improve stamina as well as helping to reduce exercise induced muscle damage, strengthening the immune response.  Yeasacc 1026 is also added to help maintain gut health.


Feeding Guide

10gm per 100kg bodyweight daily, split between feeds.

10 ml heaped scoop: 10gm


Pack Size

Power is supplied in 750gm pouches. Economic 5kg and 10kg tubs are also available.

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