Re – Hydrate

Nutritional Analysis
Chloride 22.50 %
Glucose 20.00 %
Magnesium 0.60 %
Potassium 8.00 %
Sodium 20.00 %

Key Features

• To maintain fluid and electrolyte balance

Product Information

When horses undergo prolonged sweating for example during strenuous exercise or whilst travelling essential minerals are lost through sweat and can cause fatigue, decreased performance, dehydration, muscle cramping and other problems.

Re-Hydrate provides all the necessary minerals on a palatable, readily absorbed, water soluble glucose base to aid recovery for optimum performance.


Feeding Guide

Designed to be fed according to intensity of work and can be fed whenever the horse sweats, on an ongoing basis or before, during and after competition days.

5g per 100kg bodyweight mixed into feed. Clean, fresh water must always be available.

10ml heaped scoop: 10g


Pack Size

Re-Hydrate is supplied in 500gm  pouches.  Economic 2kg tubs are also available.

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