Beetroot Mash

Nutritional Analysis
Digestible Energy 8.50 MJ/Kg
Fibre 24.00 %
Oil 2.50 %
Protein 10.00 %
Starch 4.50 %
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Selected Soya Hull Pellets, Beetroot Flakes, Molglo Plus, Soya Oil, Salt.

Key Features

• With Beetroot Flakes

Product Information

Beetroot Mash is a tasty treat that your horse or pony will enjoy.

Fed soaked as a soft textured mash, Beetroot Mash Treat has a  “water holding” capacity which will help improve fluid intake, especially useful post exercise, when travelling or recovering from illness  to encourage your horse or pony to drink.  It is also much more palatable for horses that struggle to chew and digest due to old age or illness.

As the Beetroot Flakes are also dehydrated they store and travel better.

Beetroot also offers many nutritional benefits.  The vegetable contains a number of antioxidant pigments including polyphenols, such as resvertrol and quercetin.  The main red pigment is known to be a betanin, a natural antioxidant.  However, the most interesting and exciting effect lies in its naturally high nitrate content.  Research on beetroot has reported a beneficial effect on blood pressure and also on exercise intolerance.


Feeding Guide

Soak for 5 minutes with equal volumes of dry feed and water or to your preferred consistency.


Pack Size

Beetroot Mash is available in 700g pouches and more economical 15kg bags.

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