Stud Mix

Nutritional Analysis
Digestible Energy 12.50 MJ/Kg
Fibre 11.00 %
Oil 5.50 %
Protein 16.00 %
Vitamin A 10000 iu/kg
Vitamin D3 2000 iu/kg
Vitamin E 100 iu/kg
Calcium 1.10 %
Phosphorus 0.55 %
Starch 19.00 %
Micronized Flaked Full Fat Soya, Micronized Flaked Barley, Micronized Flaked Peas, Grass Nuts, Lucerne Pellets, Molglo Plus, Oatfeed Pellets, Micronized Flaked Maize, Soya Hulls, Vitamins, Minerals.

Key Features

• Nutrient Dense
• Produced to a High Specification

Product Information

Using a carefully balanced blend of highly digestible ingredients Rowen Barbary Stud Mix is especially formulated to meet the higher nutritional demands of the broodmare and youngstock.

Supplying correct proportions of energy, protein, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium it will help meet the broodmares increased requirements during pregnancy and lactation and will promote skeletal development in all youngstock requiring an increased level of micronutrients.

Designed to help encourage consistent daily weight gain Rowen Barbary Stud Mix is a highly palatable feed that will ensure optimum development.

Feeding Guide

Daily quantities depend much on estimated mature weight and condition, but typically foals should be introduced to concentrate feeds at around 8-12 weeks of age, at a rate of 1% of the foals body weight per day (1kg/100kg of body weight).

 1 level round scoop = 1.05kg of feed approx.

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