Vitel 2000E

Nutritional Analysis
Digestible Energy 39.85 MJ/Kg
Oil 99.6 %
Vitamin E 2000 iu/kg
Soya Oil, Vitamin E.

Key Features

• Healthy coat shine
• Suitable for horses prone to laminitis

Product Information

Vitel 2000E contains a unique blend of Soya Bean Oil and Vitamin E to help supply a good source of Omega fatty acids to promote good skin and coat condition, encouraging weight gain.

By providing the antioxidant Vitamin E in the correct quantities it will help to stabilise oil storage in cellular tissue, encouraging efficient oil utilisation that is vital for horses on high oil diets.

Helping to provide an excellent source of slow release energy it is ideal for horses that need a non-heating diet and also helps improve stamina.


Feeding Guide

Mix into daily feed at between 1% – 5%, or as required.


Pack Size

Available in 5 litre (4.5kg) containers.

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