A Spring In Her Step


Pebbles is a 19 year old, 13.2 Irish Sports Pony owned by Jo Chesmore and ridden by her daughter Rachelle.  Previously  she has competed at BD Youth Camps and Championships and she also enjoys her jumping, but unfortunately does suffer from arthritis in her shoulders.




“Firstly, Pebbles loves the Senior Support and always whinnies when being fed.  I have noticed a spring in her step taking her to and from the field.  When Rachelle rode her she was a lot more forward, and there was a big smile on Rachelle’s face. All the kids were riding and had a jump 1.10m up, Pebbles was eyeing it up and I’m sure would have jumped it if Rach let her.






Pebbles has been doing extremely well on the Senior Support. I’ve kept her off all other supplements. Firstly her hooves are looking great, not chipped on the hard ground like the other ponies we have. She has a lot more channelled energy and more forward going. At the moment she is moulting, her coat isn’t greasy and she has a lovely shine to her coat, which is hard to get on a grey. She has gained a little weight, but that’s ok coming into the winter”.

Jo Chesmore

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