He felt electric…in a good way!


My Mum has been feeding all our horses and ponies the Soft ‘N’ Soak range for about 7 years. As people are always asking what we feed she recommends it to everyone so lots of people round here use it now.

I have a pony called Granite Clover who was a show jumper when we bought him but we evented him last season and he was brilliant even though dressage and cross country were both completely new to him. He was fed ReadyMash Extra last season but we just felt he needed a bit more energy and “buzz” for his cross country, but he is such a lovely helpful pony so we didn’t want a feed that would wind him up or make him silly or difficult to ride. We also thought if we could feed something extra just before competitions that would be better so he could spend the rest of the time being his usual quiet, sweet self. You suggested the Pro Ultra.

We used it for the first time at Bicton a couple of weeks ago when we did the BE Arena Eventing Qualifier. I didn’t know my mum had actually given it to him! He was on fire! Taking me to everything and really jumping. He felt electric…in a good way! When I told my Mum how good he felt she confessed….don’t know if she would have if it had gone wrong!

Anyway he qualified and is off to Aston le Walls next month for the BE Championships!! So a big thank you and the Pro Ultra will be coming with us to the Champs.

I’m excited about this season with him. We finished last season jumping BE 100’s. The plan was to do Novice or Pony Trial this year but we weren’t sure if he would make the time, but I’m pretty sure he will with his new Rocket fuel!

Thanks again

Georgia Glendining

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