Impressed – Demelza & Bob


I just wanted to email to say how impressed I am with Rowen Barbary Horse Feed.

I have had my TB gelding Bob now for coming up to 5 years.  During that time he has had grade 4 ulcers plus other issues and was a stressy and anxious horse, who would eat his food, but if he was anxious then his food would come last, also he would take so long to eat it, sometimes overnight.  He also struggled to maintain his weight and at 17.1hh he could look skinny quite quickly.

Since changing him onto Rowen Barbary Soft ‘N’ Soak ReadyMash Extra he has become a different horse, he is on 1.5 scoops of ReadyMash Extra once a day and I am adding about 300gms of Sumo Muscle Builder to that feed as the grass isn’t great now.  He also has a scoop of ReadyFibre Mash too as he loves it.

He loves the feed so much that he will stand on the yard on his own and eat it all up, he doesn’t care what is going on he will just eat. Also when he is fed in the field he just eats it, the other horses can be galloping around and before he would join in and get all stressy, now he just ignores them and eats his food, he has also stopped digging holes in his field.

I just wanted to let you know how he was getting on.

Kind regards.

Demelza & Bob

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