Our Old Boy Back Again


Borana (Bart) is an 18 year old, 16.2hh warmblood owned by Karen Slaughter.  He currently competes regularly at Eventing at 100 level, RC Team Events as well as Dressage and SJ with both Karen and her daughter.    Bart is super well behaved, although he can be a bit cheeky but we know when he’s low or tired.  He always has at least two days off after a competition for this reason.  Although he does not suffer from any age related concerns as far as we are aware he did have a full on show jumping career before we had him so arthritis will be a concern and weight loss as he goes into his twenties.



“I’m really pleased with Barts energy level.  His condition is super so no change there but the one thing that is better possibly is his mood the day after a big work out.  Bart looks great and appears to have a great spring in his step whilst hacking which is our old boy back again so very pleased! His appetite continues to be good and he’s still enjoying his Senior Support, it’s lovely to see him trot over every morning in anticipation of his breakfast.”

Karen Slaughter

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