What a turnaround! – Georgie Wood


It seems very few months ago that it looked like that we might have no season at all this year, but thanks to Lucinda for her recommendation of Tommy, who has become our new farrier, we managed to pull it all back together and compete at 6 events in the final three months of the season – Tommy you are a legend!!!!

With a frustrating 2016 winter, trying to keep the faith that Jimmy would come right, we went through the process of x-rays in January and found that his shoeing wasn’t doing him any favours. Having been through 3 farriers this year we appear to be back on track, the expression ‘no foot, no horse’ could not be truer.

In our rather foreshortened season, however, we have managed to pack in quite a lot. Jimmy is now turned out for his well-deserved few weeks holiday in the field. His extended holiday at the beginning year did mean that he (thankfully) grew a lot, coming more into balance in his confirmation and has begun to turn into quite a proper horse – which he should increasingly continue to do so.

November 2017

Jimmy progressed to Novice at the end of September and has had three very positive runs at the level. He has shown significant progress in all phases, while his showjumping record has remained frustratingly poley, his way of going has come on a huge amount and when this technique is finessed he should become a very consistent clear round jumper – the feel that he has begun to give me is hugely exciting. He has started to score in the 20s at Novice level and his XC feels mega; bar a couple of baby lapses of concentration, he has been awesome – I have been incredibly proud of how he has grown in confidence across the board every time out. He now has his CIC* qualification and is well on towards his CCI* so there are lots of excitements on the horizon. We know where the weaknesses are and where the focus needs to be coming into our pre-2018 season training, there is lots to do but I am enthused by the challenge.

November 2017 c

November 2017 e










It has been quite a big year this year having somehow managed to get to the end of my degree and graduate from Bristol with a 2:1 in July, before which point I started my ‘proper’ job in London in March so the multitasking has been taken to another level! While I have combined eventing with my school/university/exams for the last 7 years, as well as trying to fund it all, this has been the first season that I have combined the producing and competing with working in London. I feel incredibly fortunate to have a boss who allows me huge flexibility meaning that I somehow managed to ride 6 days a week (including 4am Tuesday, 9pm Thursdays – joy!!!) until the end of September. As the dark nights have rolled in, I have to give increasingly huge credit to mum who supports me day in day out but particularly with logistics while I am away – with no facilities at home and hiring arenas with lights until 10.30pm, we must be very committed (and possibly mad!)

November 2017 g

SO many massive thank yous to be said to my mega support team – I am incredibly lucky to have so many facilitators behind me. Gamechanging farrier Tommy Britton, fantastic trainers Pammy Hutton, Richard Waygood & Lucinda Green, a fabulous owner and supportive sponsors in Rowen Barbary, Botanica, Equine R-Oil and Kelling Designs. I feel very privileged to have such a tolerant family and a mother for whom words can do no justice to the invaluable support that she has given me over the years, the time, thought, solution seeking, the endless hours spent on the ground, listening, watching or teaching me and everything in between. I am endlessly grateful to everyone who makes up our team but she is the cherry on top of it all – here’s to many more years of our great partnership.

I hope that you all have productive winters, Happy Christmasses and successful 2018’s and I very much look forward to giving more regular updates throughout the coming year – bring it on!

Georgie X

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